I’m a creative soul at heart, with a love of drawing and a history in Interior design, I draw inspiration from very visual perspectives. I love the written word but my eyes are the tools that truly fuel my creative juices.

My ideas can come from a colour combination presented to me by nature, like  a collection of stones or leaves on the ground, or a rustic piece of timber with a blemish or stain on it, that is what sparks an idea that I then incorporate into my designing process.

Horses are a huge part of my life and a constant inspiration to me, they represent freedom, beauty, strength and gentleness at the same time.
A magnificent and majestic animal that are so loveable and calming to be around.


One of my favourite things to do besides making beautiful equestrian inspired jewellery, is exploring barns and stable complexes, whether it be the poetry of a rustic old barn with loads of character or a stylish modern barn that one could certainly live in, both equally beautiful to me.

Here, I will share my collection of barns with you,  I don’t always remember where I’ve found these barns, or even where they are, but they are all snapshots of gorgeousness that I have come across over the years and have kept to view from time to time to spark inspiration while keeping in the theme of my love of all things equestrian.